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Griffin RC recognises that there is often a wide gap between crime research and theory and providing and implementing workable solutions. Hence we specialise in bridging the gap between academic findings and practical results, to give you evidence based answers that work.

Holistic Approach

We apply the frameworks and principles from many including:

  • Situational crime prevention
  • Designing out crime
  • Crime prevention through environmental design and management
  • Crime opportunity profiling
  • Secured by design principles
  • Target hardening
  • SARA
  • The 5I’s

And translate them into pragmatic and realistic outputs that deliver!

Crime Reduction

Examples of how we can help you and how we have helped others in the past include:

  • Analysing crime data and linking it to the environment and the community to identify answers
  • Implementing community safety into everything from major new town regeneration projects, to home zones
  • Designing and managing crime out of housing estates, shopping centres or even supermarkets
  • Surveying existing environments of all types and identifying crime generators and how to change them
  • Evaluating, managing and improving existing security such as CCTV systems
  • Making your facilities, such as housing, hospitals or schools, fit for purpose
  • Consulting with ALL relevant stakeholder to ensure everyone’s views are noted
  • Ensuring crime and fear of crime is managed within both urban and rural environments, to deliver inclusive and sustainable communities
  • Making certain solutions are cost commensurate and are ranked in order of priority
  • Testing your security for example by ‘mystery shopping’  your facilities and giving you a report on the weaknesses

Contact us now to find out how we can reduce your concerns by designing out crime, regeneration projects, and improving organisational and community safety and security.

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