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Griffin RC recognises that most organisations are constantly being called upon to improve their performance and to monitor and measure targets. These can vary from National Standards in the public sector to shrinkage rates in the private sector.

Griffin RC can help in all those areas as we have a wide range of experience in security and community safety related work. With a particular focus on operational, strategic and technical evaluation. We can help you:

  • Consult with all sectors of the community including those often termed ‘difficult to reach’ or ‘hard to hear’. If a project is to succeed all the stakeholders views must be known
  • Measure performance and problems using quantitative and/or qualitative tools. For example using questionnaires/surveys as part of a crime audit or using focus groups/interviews to investigate service delivery to victims or security managers.
  • Analysis yours and others crime data to identify trends, successes and failures
  • Compare any analysis against our knowledge base to identify evidence based solutions. We can also benchmark your results against comparable organisations to judge your performances in managing crime and anti social behaviour
  • Evaluate your structures and delivery targets, to provide strategic assessments and identify and develop priority areas for action. Including cost effectiveness, best value measures, resource use and investment justification.
  • Facilitate networking and sharing of knowledge between members of your organisation and others in the same sector or in other sectors using our comprehensive database of contacts.
  • Understand your crime related issues. We can use our experience of current research, policy and other peoples successes to help drive up your performance. We can do this by working with you on a one to one, by running workshops or even by providing you a bespoke briefing programme.
  • Promote your results to enhance your image and leverage in additional funding or custom and provide transferable lessons to others

Proactively we are most commonly asked to assess if an idea or measure that is being thought of is likely to succeed - that is how feasible it is. We of course answer with the most likely scenario for success and why and what other options might be considered.

Reactively we are most commonly asked to judge the impact of a project, policy or measure and provide an explanation of the results so the impact can be improved and used elsewhere if appropriate.

Contact us now to discuss your evaluation ro reseach needs.

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